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What’s Going on with PPAMM 

The 2012 PP Action Voter Guide is here!

Where do the candidates stand on women's health issues? Get the scoop from our new interactive Voter Guide!

We've got a new blog!

From "getting rid" of Planned Parenthood to questioning what constitutes "legitimate rape," politicians across the country have been saying some pretty trashy things.

Unfortunately, there are so many violent, offensive and utterly false comments made about women and reproductive health that it is hard to stay on top of them all.

This is where The Trash comes in.

We've created The Trash as a way to keep voters informed of all the trash-talking that is going on out there. 

The 2012 election is critical for women, their families and the state of reproductive health care in this country. So stay informed, share with your friends and join with us in holding politicians accountable for their actions and their words.

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